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Educational settings

This group is focusing on harmonising and promoting research in educational settings including compulsory school and higher education.


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Vocational training

This group will focus on the collation and promotion of research relevant to the prevalence and impacts of appearance dissatisfaction on vocational training outcomes.


Public Health

The focus of this group will be to collate the results of existing research and lay the foundations for future research on the physical and psychological impacts of appearance dissatisfaction.

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Medical/Health Care

The focus of this group will be on how appearance dissatisfaction impacts on those with visible differences and in the general population.

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Social & Cultural

This group will focus on how  appearance dissatisfaction are influenced by globalisation, the influence of the media and fashion industries, differences  between countries and regions in Europe.

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The Aim 

Until recently, societal interest in ‘looks’ has been considered largely benign, however, debilitating levels of appearance dissatisfaction are now normative in resource-rich nations, with extensive and damaging impacts on physical and psychological health. Although there are examples of research and activism in the field in Europe, many researchers work in isolation, diluting the potential impact of their work. Europe currently lacks a harmonised approach to establishing levels of appearance-related distress, the impacts on key areas of living and to the systematic evaluation of interventions currently being implemented within and beyond Europe. This Action will co-ordinate and increase research across Europe, offer support to the high proportion of female and early career researchers in this field and will forge crucial links between researchers, practitioners and policy makers, offering the potential for significant benefits to the millions of Europeans adversely affected by these issues. 


General Information


Mr Thomas NILSEN (NO) Prof Nichola RUMSEY (UK) Dr Martin PERSSON (UK) Dr Luule MIZERA
 Vice Chair of the Action Chair of the Action  Scientific officer & Grant Holder of the Action COST Science officer of the Action 
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