Training School 3:

Assessing appearance dissatisfaction in marginalised and socially disadvantaged groups


Venue: University of Malta, Msida, Malta

Dates: 9 November – 11 November 2015


The training school was successfully implemented and the participants truly enjoyed the 3 days of training. The following topics (see below) via lectures, reflective exercises and group work were addressed during the training school. 

  • The psychology of Appearance

  • Who are the marginalised and socially disadvantaged groups in Europe?

  • The impact of belonging to a disadvantaged group on childhood, adolescence & adulthood

  • The social and cultural impact in relation to marginalised and socially disadvantaged groups

  • How do we reach these groups in our different fields of specialities – education, vocational training, public health, medical settings

  • How do we assess appearance dissatisfaction in marginalised and socially disadvantaged groups?

  • Research methods and methodological challenges

  • Data collection methods & response formats

  • Case studies based upon clinical and observational experiences





Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

1st lecture

1st lecture

1st lecture

2nd lecture

2nd lecture

2nd lecture

3rd Lecture


3rd Lecture


Outreach Event

Miss Representation - More than fifty guests attended the screening of Miss Representation last night at the US Embassy. The Ambassador Abercrombie-Winstanley welcomed the participants and Dr Brenda Murphy delivered brief remarks before and initiated a discussion afterwards. The event is the result of collaboration between the Department of Gender Studies, University of Malta, and the US Embassy. Many of the participants at the event were also part of the EU COST Action on Appearance Matters - and the theme of both events - Appearance and the Media - framed the day for many.




There are 20 places available for this training school. In allocating places we will aim for:

  •             An equitable distribution between the 5 working groups

  •             An equitable balance of researchers and practitioners

  •             An equitable balance of ECRs and those engaging in life long learning

  •             An equitable geographical distribution of members

For those participating in the training school, the following financial support and administrative rules apply:  

  •             The reimbursement rate per day is EUR 160 maximum

  •             Up to EUR 300 may be allocated for the travel expenses (depends on Domestic, near countries, far countries)

  •             A maximum grant of EUR 1 500 can be awarded to any one person

  •             Grant for Trainees can vary depending on the country of the Trainees (e.g. Domestic, near countries, far countries)

  •             Prior the Training School, the trainees must register on e-COST:

  •             No advance payments are available: All costs will be reimbursed after the event

Please complete the attached pdf application and send it back to

before 25 September 2015