Tali Heiman

Name: Tali Heiman
Country: Israel
Degrees: Ph.D.
Current job title: Senior Lecturer
Institution: The Open University of Israel Department of Education and Psychology
Short autobiography:

My research related to emotional and social behaviour of adolescents with and without special needs; Technology usage and body image in relation to internet and cyberbullying.

I examine psychosocial aspects (loneliness, social support, body image, well being) in relation to educational settings (teachers, counsellors) and home settings (parents coping).

I took part in different national and international projects (as COST, LLP, Ministry of Education) focusing on educational and psychosocial aspects.

Participated in a STSM - Read the report

Reason for joining: To enhance the awareness of the children and the educational team to appearance research; to develop intervention programs; to join to international researchers in order to conduct studies, publications and application for grants.
Current research interest in relation to the COST Action: Appearance aspect in relation to emotional-social- behavioural aspects, and in relation to bullying/cyberbullying and students with disabilities: a) Theoretical examination of the relationships between appearance, psycho measures, cyber/bullying, and K12 settings. b) Practical aspects, awareness, prevention and intervention of children, educational and professionals in psychosocial aspects. c) Adolescents and students with disabilities.
COST Actions Outcomes: Participated in a STSM
E-mail: talihe@openu.ac.il
Link to institution: http://www-e.openu.ac.il/