Joke Verstuyf

Name: Joke Verstuyf
Country: Belgium
Degrees: M. SC.
Current job title: Lector, research assistant, clinical psychologist
Institution: Thomas More University College
Short autobiography:

My research focuses on the quality of motivation to diet and the influence of motivation to diet on healthy and disordered eating behaviours. I have investigated these issues among adolescent and adult men and women. I’m currently finishing my PhD entitled “Does the quality of motivation matter? An examination of the relationships between goal content, self-regulation and eating behaviours”.  

Reason for joining: To raise public awareness about the influence of body image concerns on unhealthy and disordered eating behaviours. To stimulate research towards body image concerns as a maladaptive motivational force of dieting behaviours.
Current research interest in relation to the COST Action: a) Consequences of appearance concerns on unhealthy eating behaviours and wellbeing b) To promote interventions that decrease appearance concerns c) To raise awareness among health care professionals about the maladaptive motivational force of appearance concerns.
COST Actions Outcomes:
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