Marina Kuzman

Name: Marina Kuzman
Country: Croatia
Degrees: PhD, MD, Prof
Current job title: Head, School and adolescent medicine service
Institution: Teaching Institute of Public Health “Dr. Andrija Stampar”
Short autobiography:

Starting my medical career as an adolescent medicine specialist and moving to the public health after several years, I have been involved in many projects and programs on health promotion, risk behaviour and prevention, collaborating with WHO, EUSUHM, EMCDDA and EC. I acted as a PI for HBSC project in the period 2001-2013, and for ESPAD project I am PI since 1995. Now I am teaching public health at the Institute of Applied Medical Science and am responsible for adolescent services in the City of Zagreb.

Reason for joining: To try to harmonize approach to the appearance and to raise awareness how thin especially for adolescents the line between reality and imagination might be. The approach to the young people, according to the experience and professional views, is not gender-specific enough, therefore not taking into account different perception and gender-related models and vision. The general knowledge of the consequences and impact of the appearance perception could be studied and compared among countries, therefore enabling recognition of specific cultural influences without adverse effect on health.
Current research interest in relation to the COST Action: Working in the field of adolescent medicine and within the frame of this initiative I am interested in research and work with young people and implications of the body perception and body image on mental health, behaviour and social context. The organizational structure of the health care facilities and education of the medical staff needs to be adjusted to meet adolescents’ needs in the most appropriate way and the research and evidence in this area are of the utmost importance for practical work as well as for decision makers and politicians. Witnessing in reality inclusion of the children with special needs in the regular educational system, we would like to research more the implications of appearance as one of the components of their impairment to the complex perception of self-limitations
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