Marina Hadzi Pesic

Name: Marina Hadzi Pesic
Country: Serbia
Degrees: Ph.D, Ms.C, specialist in medical (clinical)psychology, Certified Transactional Analyst (CTA)
Current job title: Associate Professor
Institution: Faculty of Philosophy, Department of Psychology, University of Niš
Short autobiography:

I have been worked for more than 20 years in Institute for Mental health (Day hospital), Clinical centre of Nis, psychodiagnostic, group psychotherapy, sociotherapy and individual psychotherapy. Now I teach Psychotherapy and Health psychology at the Department of psychology, University of Nis. My research focus is mainly on Psychosomatic medicine.

Reason for joining: The final aim is to help elder (18 years and up) patients with cleft lip and palate mostly by psychotherapy or counseling as well as to use questionnaire to investigate psychological factors that may affect the acceptance of their own looks and can interfere with quality of life.
Current research interest in relation to the COST Action: My research focus is about psychological factors that contribute to the occurrence of CHD, its maintenance but also affects the process of rehabilitation of patients with coronary heart disease as well as counselling of this patients. I also investigated TA concepts among many categories of patients.
COST Actions Outcomes:
Link to institution: www.