Kristin Billaud Feragen

Name: Kristin Billaud Feragen
Country: Norway
Degrees: Cand. psychol., PhD.
Current job title: Post doc researcher/Clinical psychologist
Institution: Statped sør-øst, Oslo Cleft lip and palate team
Short autobiography:

have been working as a clinical psychologist in Oslo cleft lip and palate team since 2002. PhD in 2009 on psychosocial aspects of living with a visible difference such as a cleft. Author of a children’s book on the challenges of feeling visibly different. Current post doc research is on: 1) The consequences of living with an associated condition affecting psychological function (in addition to a cleft), and 2) To investigate associations between social experiences (positive and negative) and satisfaction with appearance in a longitudinal and developmental perspective in children and adolescents with a cleft.

Reason for joining: To get in touch and potentially cooperate with researchers across Europe with similar interests, and discover new perspectives through other researchers/practitioners from different cultures and treatment settings.
Current research interest in relation to the COST Action: How cleft lip and palate (and other medical conditions) relate to issues of appearance across different cultures/European countries, and impact on satisfaction/dissatisfaction with appearance.
COST Actions Outcomes:
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