Peter Paulus

Name: Peter Paulus
Country: Germany
Degrees: Prof. Dr. Dipl. Psych.
Current job title: Professor of Psychology; Head of Center for Applied Sciences of Health
Institution: Leuphana University Lueneburg
Short autobiography:

Main focus of work as an educational psychologist responsible for initial teacher training for primary and secondary schools: Educational psychology, family psychology, health psychology, -education, -counselling, -promotion. The overarching interest is dedicated to research and realization of quality education in different educational and social settings (especially family, kindergarden, school, college, university, city) with respect to the promotion of health, in particular the “good healthy school”.

Reason for joining: Body image and especially body appearance is of utmost importance for young people. It relates to the broader self-concept and other personality variables and has also effects on health, especially mental health and well-being and educational outcomes at different school levels, types of school. It also relates to school absenteeism and the concept of inclusive education.
Current research interest in relation to the COST Action: To find partners and to build up a network of researcher who are interested in the relationship of body appearance, self-concept, mental health and wellbeing in relation to educational outcomes at school in students in secondary schools
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