Michaela Langer

Name: Michaela Langer
Country: Austria
Degrees: MSc Clinical Psychology
Current job title: Clinical and Health Psychologist, Secretary General of the Austrian Psychological Association
Institution: Austrian Psychological Association
Short autobiography:

I am a clinical and health psychologist and focus work on women’s health and public health. 

I earned a master’s degree in psychology from the Universities of Vienna and Salzburg. Since 1998 I was working for several organisations in the area of eating disorder prevention. I was as research assistant at the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Women’s Health Research and at the F.E.M Women’s Health Centre in Vienna. I also worked as psychological counsellor at the helpline for eating disorders of the City of Vienna. From 1998 till Summer 2014 I was working for the Vienna Women’s Health Programme (since 2009 as deputy head) and I focussed on ”psychological health in women”. Since September 2014 I am Secretary General of the Austrian Psychological Association.

Reason for joining: International Cooperation is necessary to combat sociocultural Contributors on Body Dissatisfaction and a negative Body Image
Current research interest in relation to the COST Action: a) Prevention of Eating Disorders and Obesity (with Focus in Schools) b) Sociocultural Influences on Body Dissatisfaction and Body Image c) Psychological aspects of aesthetic surgery
COST Actions Outcomes:
E-mail: langer@boep.or.at
Link to institution: www.boep.or.at