Brenda Murphy

Name: Brenda Murphy
Country: Malta
Degrees: PhD (Lond.); MA Comm. Culture & Soc. (Lond.); BA Psych/Media & Cultural Studies
Current job title: Senior Lecturer
Institution: University of Malta
Short autobiography:

My personal intellectual project is located around: construction of identities of various kinds, (national, gender, ethnic etc.). An over arching interest in ‘gender and the media’ prevails, and I engage in textual analysis of media texts to map and arrest emerging gendered issues around portrayal – rooted in feminist/masculinities epistemology. I lecture, research and supervise in this and related areas, carry out Third Mission work (outreach and engagement) with EU bodies and local authorities

Reason for joining: To expand and engage with a broader research network, locating researchers in other geographic locations and disciplines and practices who share my research focus. With a view to collaboration, EU projects and thematic networking at its broadest definition.
Current research interest in relation to the COST Action: Women and social scripting around image and appearance, masculinities: boys and men and their bodies. Girls identities, valuations and the ideal body, a) Training media professionals in best practice b) Educating young girls and boys, via media literacy, to enable resistance to dominant messages about ideal bodies. c) Interrogating advertising and other media texts in relation the ‘ideal’ body and absences; d) How the body image, the male gaze and the impact of media on young audiences in relation to gender and body identity [in particular], and appearance [in general] relates to education, vocational training, employment and overall quality of life.
COST Actions Outcomes:
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