Liat Tzur Gadassi

Name: Liat Tzur Gadassi
Country: Israel
Degrees: D.M.D, M.Sc.
Current job title: Orthodontic Specialist
Institution: Dept. of Orthodontics Hebrew University- Hadassah School of Dental Medicine
Short autobiography:

My research interests focus on the emotional effect of feeding plates on parents of children with clefts.
The emotional effect of orthodontic treatment on patients and their families.

Reason for joining: To collaborate with researchers in the field and exchange knowledge and ideas with regards to the emotional coping of children with clefts and their families throughout their childhood, adolescence and adult life in terms of self esteem and psychosocial needs. To determine the impact orthodontic treatment has on these patients (at infancy, childhood and adolescence) in terms of emotional well being and to establish an understanding of the patients (and their parents) needs and expectations from orthodontic treatment.
Current research interest in relation to the COST Action: Cleft lip and palate
COST Actions Outcomes:
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