Marijana Šunjić

Name: Marijana Šunjić
Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Degrees: Diploma in Psychology
Current job title: Research assistant
Institution: Faculty of Philosophy, University of Mostar
Short autobiography:

I am a research assistant at the Department of Psychology, Faculty of Philosophy. My research and teaching interests concern motivation, specifically motivation in context of human sexuality research and in context of educational research. I am currently dealing with sexual satisfaction and its correlates (in the framework of a doctoral dissertation).

Reason for joining: I believe that dissatisfaction with personal appearance is unjustly underrated aspect of psychological research, especially knowing that most of these research covered dissatisfaction exclusively in the eating disorders context. Likewise, I do not believe that any research on this problem has ever been conducted on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Finally, I would like to develop international research collaborations.
Current research interest in relation to the COST Action: I am primarily interested in the relation of personal appearance dissatisfaction and certain life outcomes, such as general level of life satisfaction and the level of self-esteem. Likewise, I am interested in applicability of results in practice and developing various forms of interventions even from the earliest age.
COST Actions Outcomes:
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