Raffaela Vanzetta

Name: Raffaela Vanzetta
Country: Italy
Degrees: Educationalist and Psychotherapist
Current job title: Coordinator of INFES – specialist unit for eating disorders in Bolzano/Italy
Institution: NFES – specialist unit for eating disorders
Short autobiography:

Born 1966 in Bolzano/Italy, I grew up bilingual (Italian and German) and I attended my studies in Vienna (Austria). There I became a psychotherapist. 12 years ago I returned to live in my hometown and since 6 years I manage INFES, a specialist unit for eating disorders. I advise whoever has eating disorders, mainly young girls and their parents. The focus of my work is to operate in the prevention and awareness-raising work (schools, community, youth institutions, etc.), as well as in the research on the socio-cultural causes of eatingdisorders.

In the past I worked in a shelter for women with psychosocial distress and as a psychotherapist in a private practice.

Reason for joining: Eating disorders are caused by a strong dissatisfaction with one’s own body and with its appearance. In our centre we organize many prevention initiatives and we study the possible causes of this pervasive social and personal dissatisfaction in order to respond appropriately. I would strongly like to be part of this international network on this issue, as I find it very interesting and professional, and I would like to exchange reciprocal knowledge, experience and best practices and current information, learning from others and improving
Current research interest in relation to the COST Action: Prevention of eating disorders and obesity and sociocultural influences on body dissatisfaction and cultural image of women.
COST Actions Outcomes:
E-mail: vanzetta@infes.it
Link to institution: www.infes.it