Jurate Grubliauskiene

Name: Jurate Grubliauskiene
Country: Lithuania
Degrees: Master Degree
Current job title: Director
Institution: Klaipeda city Public Health Bureau
Short autobiography:

I was born in 1977. In 2000-2002 I have studied for Master in Public Health with specialization in Health Education. In 2002 I have started to work at Klaipeda University, Department of Public Health as a lecturer. In 2008 I have started to work as the Head of Bureau of Public Health for Klaipeda City. In 2012 I have started to study PhD in Social Sciences (Education) and I am developing research on Health Education.  

Participated in a STSM - read the report

Reason for joining: As one of the results of group discussions of members of the Work Package 3 (Public Health), was agreement that high experience in evaluation of health promotion activities in different settings by researchers in Ferdinand Porsche Distance Learning University of Applied Sciences, Vienna, would be useful to share with Klaipeda university team and maybe with other project partners. Klaipeda university team have PhD student working in defining factors which leads to more healthy behavior among youth, also have a good connections with public health practices which are very active in health promotion interventions in community. Klaipeda university team expressed their interest to establish cooperation with Vienna university and during STSM try together to find solutions how better evaluate health promotion interventions around appearance-related issues. Objective of the STSM would be to foster cooperation between COST partner institutions and involving public health practitioners and researchers try to find solutions how to evaluate health promotion interventions around appearance related issues.
Current research interest in relation to the COST Action:
COST Actions Outcomes: Participated in a STSM
E-mail: direktore@sveikatosbiuras.lt
Link to institution: www.sveikatosbiuras.lt