Katina Pavloska

Name: Katina Pavloska
Country: Macedonia, the former yugoslav republic of
Degrees: BA in Psychology at University Cyril and Methody, Specialist of Clinical Psychology degree at the Medical Faculty at University of St. Cyril and Methody, Skopje
Current job title: Specialist of Clinical Psychology
Institution: Institute of mental health for children and youth - Skopje
Short autobiography:

Professional education and trainings:

2006 Clinical Training of QEEG in children with ADHD, Chur, Switzerland

2005 Clinical Educational training on EEG Biofeedback Society of Applied Neuroscience, Istanbul, Turkey

2005 Training for trainers on Family Violence supported by UNICEF and Macedonian Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Skopje, Macedonia

1994-1996 Training Systemic Therapy, Belgrade, Serbia

1992-1994 Training Gestalt Psychotherapy, Belgrade, Serbia

1990-1992 Training in CBT, Belgrade, Serbia


1980-1984 Ministry of labour and social policy, Department of social affairs, Tetovo, Macedonia

1984-2004 Clinical Hospital, Department of Neurology and Psychiatry, Tetovo, Macedonia

2004-current, Institute for mental health for children and youth, Skopje, Macedonia

COST projects participation:

2008-2011 participant in COST Action ISO 603

2011- 2014 member of Management Committee COST Action BM0905

2014- present - COST TD1309

Reason for joining: The Cult of beauty and beauty appearance overloaded our sensors every day and on every place. Itís come even we are alone in our home, because we are also exposed to aggressive affection from the media and social networks at priority on the image for distinguish success in all areas in our live. The cult of beauty appearance in my practice and experience I often find as the basis of plenty psychological dysfunctions and disorders like social phobia, depressive, obsessive and anxious disorders. Emotional stages which are results from the low self-esteem connected with appearance often results with eating disorders or substances abuse, as well. This project is my challenge since Iím working as a clinical psychologist in Institute for mental health for children and youth, solely organization of such type in the country. Our Institute is equipped with multi professional teams consisting of neurologist, psychiatrists, paediatrics, clinical psychologists and special therapist like logo therapist, special pedagogics. The Institute is dealing with complete psychopathology in children and adolescents. In our Institute these patients are treated in combination with various therapeutic models of psychotherapy, speech therapy and pharmacotherapy. In our sessions many times we involve the parents, to make a therapeutic alliance for promotion of new, positive personal values for increasing self-esteem. As well we are in permanent contacts and cooperate with the professional staff from their schools to reach higher stage of their acceptance in order to avoid rejection, stigmatization and sneering from the society. Out team in my Institute deliver psycho education to schools professionals, doctors, specialists for school medicine for early recognition and according treatment of young with emotional problems. Our team members are guests on TV, broadcasts, newspapers and other public media connected with mental health of population in our country.
Current research interest in relation to the COST Action: We have a huge number youth with various tips of affective, emotional, psychosomatic, and behavioural and speech disorders. We also treat a young with some somatic disabilities, who suffer emotionally because of insufficient body image. With this project I intend to contribute with our experience, knowledge, but also to bring the other experience, methods and new protocols approved by this project for assessment, therapy and prevention of disorders related to appearance.
COST Actions Outcomes:
E-mail: pavloska_katina@yahoo.com
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