José Carlos Da Silva Mendes

Name: José Carlos Da Silva Mendes
Country: Portugal
Degrees: PhD Student in Health Psychology; M.Sc. in Clinical and Health Psychology
Current job title: Director
Institution: Intelecto – Psychology and Research
Short autobiography:

My work over the past few years has focused on facial disfigurement acquired. The objectives proposed is understand the individual cognitive schemas makes his appearance after surgery, assessing the psychological impact of different degrees before the same disfigurement. Evaluates the constituents of cognitive representations, strategies for self-regulation and the emotions involved in the construction of self that literature provides is a key element in the adjustment to facial disfigurement.

I have gathered efforts to educate health professionals about the importance of appearance in clinical and social contexts

Reason for joining: Interest in understanding what determinants in psychological adjustment to facial disfigurement (longitudinal); evaluate the model of understanding to look in the mirror after reconstructive surgery; psychological intervention for individuals with visible differences - psychosocial approach and develop an interactive application that enhances the social interaction of individuals disfigured
Current research interest in relation to the COST Action: Develop protocols with entities (public and private) in order to assess and intervene in appearance. Sensitizing health professionals of the importance of appearance in satisfaction and recovery of identity and interpersonal relationships.
COST Actions Outcomes:
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