Beate Wimmer-Puchinger

Name: Beate Wimmer-Puchinger
Country: Austria
Degrees: Prof. PhD
Current job title: Executive Director for Women`s Health
Institution: Women`s Health Programme of the City of Vienna
Short autobiography:

Beate Wimmer-Puchinger, PhD, University Professor of Clinical and Health Psychology at the University of Salzburg, was one of the pioneers of women’s health research in Austria. Founder and director of Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Women’s Health Research for 15 years (1990- 2005). She lead research programs on family violence and on reproductive health. She also was responsible for the Austrian women’s health reports. She founded and directed both women’s health care centers in Vienna within general hospitals for many years. She also worked closely with WHO, concerning women health issues and took part in WHO women’s health agenda 2010. Since 1999 she was appointed as the executive director for Women’s Health by the City of Vienna responsible for realizing the Women’s Health Program. She published four books and countless scientific articles. Her issues are maternity, psychology of pregnancy, eating disorders, teenager sexuality, sexual violence and gender perspectives of public health, etc.

Reason for joining: International Cooperation is necessary to combat sociocultural Contributors on Body Dissatisfaction and a negative Body Image
Current research interest in relation to the COST Action: Prevention of Eating Disorders and Obesity (with Focus in Schools) Sociocultural Influences on Body Dissatisfaction and Body Image Psychological aspects of aesthetic surgery
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