Francesca Nobile

Name: Francesca Nobile
Country: Italy
Degrees: Graduation in Social and Work Psychology. Graduation in Clinical Psychology
Current job title: Psychologist
Institution: University of Padua // Clinica Città Giardino
Short autobiography:

I’ve start studying psychology in 2003, at University of Padua. At the end of my univ. career (2007) I run a research on Metastereotypes at RuG University (Groningen –The Netherlands-) during my Erasmus period. That has been part of my Master thesis. After that on 2009 I’ve started a University school to become a Psychotherapist. This will end in December 2014. During this period I concentrate my interest in psychosomatic, psychotherapy process and outcome and self-perception studies. I’ve started to collaborate in 2014 with Clinica Città Giardino, a private aesthetical practice in Padua. Here I work as psychologist in support of clinical patients (before-after surgery) and in combination with surgeons.

Reason for joining: I’m interested in participate in a researcher network. I do really believe in cooperation between professionals. I agree with the idea that too much time many researchers work in isolation, diluting the potential impact of their work.
Current research interest in relation to the COST Action: - Psychological aspect of people who ask for a aesthetical surgery - Appearance matters linked with psychological issues. How to take care to both side
COST Actions Outcomes:
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