Zsofia Szabo

Name: Zsofia Szabo
Country: Hungary
Degrees: Master’s degree in Psychology
Current job title: Research Assistant
Institution: Institute of Cognitive Neurosciences and Psychology, Research Centre of Natural Sciences, Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Short autobiography:

I received a Behaviour Analyst BA degree from Pázmány Péter Catholic University, Budapest   in 2011. I received an MA degree in Cognitive Psychology at Budapest University of Technology and Economics in 2013. I spent 7 months in England then I started to work in the Hungarian Academy of Sciences’ Research Centre of Natural Sciences as research assistant in the Cultural Comparative Psychology Group.

Reason for joining: In the course of my studies, I got acquainted with the cognitive aspects of psychology. During the last period spent with Márta Fülöp, I became intrigued by the social and cultural field of psychology. As appearance is one of the most interesting topics in social psychology, and it can vary among different cultures, I would like to get further knowledge of the current researches in the topic and communicate with foreign researchers in order to get a complex view about the phenomenon of appearance. I think joining this network will provide me an excellent opportunity to widen my perspective in this topic and contribute to learning this complex phenomenon
Current research interest in relation to the COST Action: Currently, I work as an assistant to a research group examining the phenomenon of competition. The close connection between appearance and competition might be an interesting topic of further research. There are lot of studies that investigated body dissatisfaction, eating disorders (as matters of appearance) and competition, for example in teenager population or among sportsmen. Since this issue is in connection with social psychology, evolutionary psychology, health psychology and even medicine, I think further investigation of the topic may provide huge benefits in the fields mentioned above.
COST Actions Outcomes:
E-mail: szabozsofiaeva@gmail.com
Link to institution: http://www.ttk.mta.hu/en/intezetek/kognitiv-idegtudomanyi-es-pszichologiai-intezet/