Guillermina Rutsztein

Name: Guillermina Rutsztein
Country: Argentina
Degrees: PhD in Psychology, University of Buenos Aires, BA in Psychology, University of Buenos Aires
Current job title: Associate Professor at the University of Buenos Aires (School of Psychology)
Institution: University of Buenos Aires
Short autobiography:

My research interests are mainly driven to body image issues and the impact of appearance dissatisfaction for the general population. I also use to run health prevention activities at higher schools. I address these psychosocial aspects related to eating disorders. I am the head of the Grupo de Estudios de Trastornos de la Alimentación at the Universidad de Buenos Aires (School of Psychology) and most of the members are following their PhD’s programmes in different stages of advance. We have already obtained grants from our university and other research agencies.

Reason for joining: To enhance/ create a network that can obtain good profit from cooperation with the excellent European teams and at the same time make our contribution to the common effort. This collaboration should result in increasing the capacity for research focussing on the impact of appearance dissatisfaction, the prevalence of appearance-related distress, the negative impact on key areas of living and the efficacy of interventions to ameliorate distress. So we argue that getting COST support would favor our teams to participate in meetings and coordinate more interesting studies to better understand appearance problems in order to develop better ways of helping people in different countries. We faithfully expect to improve our knowledge and skills through participation in this networking. Another paramount focus is to create strong partnerships for funding / grant applications.
Current research interest in relation to the COST Action: The impact of appearance dissatisfaction in relation to the development and maintenance of eating disorders. a) Sociocultural influences on body image concerns b) Training in school-based interventions promoting positive attitudes towards diversity in appearance c) Prevention in eating disorders and muscle dysmorphia in adolescents d) The stigmatisation of overweight and obesity
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