Christina Lissa Jakobsen

Name: Christina Lissa Jakobsen
Country: Denmark
Degrees: Social Worker
Current job title:
Institution: Aalborg University
Short autobiography:

I'm a master student of sociology at Aalborg University in Denmark. Primarily my sociological curiosity of health and nudging comes from previous research about different marginalized and socially disadvantaged groups in Denmark. I have evaluated how social projects in a challenged neighborhood can have a positive effect on trust and happiness for the people, who live there. The changes in this neighborhood were both physically and socially over a period of four years, which ended in 2014. The reputation of the neighborhood was reportedly better and there is now an increasingly interest of living there. Also I have worked with a minority of ethnic women in Copenhagen. These women wanted to form an association, where they had the opportunity to do sports and others social activities. I helped them to start and run the association. I found this case interesting and necessary, because it’s difficult for these women to do such activities in a country like Denmark because of cultural and religion differences.

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