Irena Loveikaite

Name: Irena Loveikaite
Country: Ireland
Degrees: PhD student
Current job title:
Institution: Waterford Institute of Technology
Short autobiography:

I am currently a full-time PhD student in WIT under the supervision of Dr John O'Brien. My PhD project is exploring how teenage girls negotiate media messages about appropriate femininity and consequently translate that reading on Social Networking Sites. Thus, the focus of the research is to analyse issues around contemporary femininity, feminine subjethood creation and the relationship teenage girls have with current media discourses targeted at the female subject, such as love yourself discourse, feminine power possession only through display of the body and in particular sexualised/beautyfied body. I have already collected my data (20 interviews conducted 3 times with the same participant) and now I am entering into my final writing up stages. Also, I am currently teaching within the department on subjects related to my research area. I finished Applied Social Studies undergraduate BA (Hons) degree in 2012, during which I developed my passion for appearance research while doing my thesis on Social Construction of Anorexia Nervosa: never hungry girls. That particular work was drawing readings from Helen Malson's work, as well as Susan's Bordo. I have been privileged to be part of various international interdisciplinary conferences, work groups and workshops, which in turn aided my conceptual considerations enormously.

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