Ĺsa Bringsén

Name: Ĺsa Bringsén
Country: Sweden
Degrees: Ph.D.
Current job title: University Lecturer
Institution: Department of Health and Society, Kristianstad University
Short autobiography:

My research focus is health from a salutogenic perspective. I have been involved in research projects that are characterised by participatory action research with focus on work and health within the public sector or physical activity leisure and health. I have also developed an instrument for measuring health from a salutogenic perspective.

Reason for joining: Networking aspects in relation to mutual learning possibilities, development of salutogenic appearance research and partnerships for funding/grant applications.
Current research interest in relation to the COST Action: Public health issues in relation to appearance aspects, physical activity and health, preferably from a salutogenic perspective.
COST Actions Outcomes:
E-mail: asa.bringsen@hkr.se
Link to institution: www.hkr.se