Carolina Lunde

Name: Carolina Lunde
Country: Sweden
Degrees: Ph.D.
Current job title: Senior lecturer, researcher
Institution: Department of Psychology, University of Gothenburg
Short autobiography:

My research concentrates on different issues related to young people’s body image. In one, longitudinal research project, we have focused on adolescents’ sports participation and critical experiences within this specific context. In another current research project, we are examining cosmetic surgery attitudes among Swedish adolescents and young adults. A specific issue that is being addressed within the latter project is the role played by young people’s use of new media (i.e., the internet and social media) for body image related concerns. Other important areas of research are adolescents’ peer relations and the development of body image over time (together with Professor Ann Frisén).

Reason for joining: To be able to get an insight into European research within the area. Networking and future collaboration. I believe the COST-action is a crucial step to gather existing knowledge and for the exchange of experiences and ideas.
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