Hanne Konradsen

Name: Hanne Konradsen
Country: Denmark
Degrees: Nurse, Msnc , Ph.D.
Current job title: Research Manager, assistant professor
Institution: Gentofte University Hospital, Research Unit University of Aarhus
Short autobiography:

In relation to the body – most qualitative work related to disfigurement and medical/nursing education. Outside the field of body image I have used several different research methods and worked together with research fellows with different educational background.

Reason for joining: To build network with researchers internationally, and partnerships for research protocols and funding applications.
Current research interest in relation to the COST Action: Research interest is on body image in relation to illness and disease, and rehabilitation/re-socialisation, and development of empirically driven theoretical models. Development of interventions to improve the lives of patients. Cross-cultural comparison of illness/disease effects on the experiences of the body.
COST Actions Outcomes:
E-mail: Hanne.Konradsen@regionh.dk
Link to institution: www.gentoftehospital.dk