Annesofie L. Jensen

Name: Annesofie L. Jensen
Country: Denmark
Degrees: Master in Anthropology of Health
Current job title: Clinical Nurse Specialist, Ph.D.-student
Institution: Department of Medicine and Endocrinology Aarhus University Hospital and Aarhus University, Faculty of Health, Section of Nursing
Short autobiography:

My professional interest and publication include work on patients with osteoporosis, thyreoid-associated ophthalmopathy and chrocic obstructive pulmonary disease. This include research and publication focus on the medical anthropological aspect of body image and endocrine conditions.

My focus on osteoporosis patient education

Reason for joining: I seek to deepen awareness of the impact of medical conditions, which can entail changes in the body’s appearance. Further, I would like to expand my professional network.
Current research interest in relation to the COST Action: a) Altered body image in relation to osteoporosis and thyroid eye disease. b) Investigating how chronic or temporary body image alterations, affect the patients individually. c) How to improve health care professional awareness of body image problems and improve their competences.
COST Actions Outcomes:
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