Barbara Dooley

Name: Barbara Dooley
Country: Ireland
Degrees: PhD, HDipStats
Current job title: Senior Lecturer, Vice Principal Teaching & Learning Research Director Headstrong, The National Centre for Youth Mental Health
Institution: University College Dublin
Short autobiography:

Currently my main of research is youth mental health. Within this research I have a specific focus on eating behaviours, weight concerns and their link to mental health.

Reason for joining: Currently there are deficits in service provision for addressing body image problems and disordered eating. I am interested in researching a platform to delivereffective early intervention as well as integrated screening and prevention, focusing on eating behaviours, body image and co-morbid factors in schools and third level institutions. I am particularly interested in the psychometric properties of screening instruments, which are gender specific.
Current research interest in relation to the COST Action: Over the past five years I have worked on three large-scale studies which have had appearance and eating issues as a specific focus. a. The EPICA (Eating Problems In Children and Adolescents) study looked at complex interaction between physical appearance, pubertal timing, family functioning and eating behaviours. The sample for this study was >3,000 adolescents from randomly selected schools in Ireland, with an age range of 12-18. b. Large-scale obesity study looking at eating behaviours, appearance, psychological factors and the obesogenic environment. Age range 12-25 years, N=1,500 c. Profiling obese adults in terms of eating behaviours, factors contributing to their obesity, barriers to weight loss, stigma and appearance. Age range 19-74 years, N=138. Data were collected on eating behaviours, body satisfaction and mental
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