Amanda Fitzgerald

Name: Amanda Fitzgerald
Country: Ireland
Degrees: B.A., Ph.D.
Current job title: Lecturer
Institution: University College Dublin School of Psychology
Short autobiography:

Amanda completed her PhD thesis on psychosocial factors related to adolescents’ dietary behaviours. She recently completed her postdoctoral research on a large scale national survey of youth mental health, which partly focused on the links between eating attitudes and body dissatisfaction and indicators of mental health. Amanda has an interest in developing technologies to improve young people’s mental health, including promoting positive eating attitudes and body image among young people.  

Participated in a STSM - Read the report

Reason for joining: a) To engage in collaborative research projects on using technology to promote appearance satisfaction and reduce appearance dissatisfaction at a European level. b) To actively seek funding opportunities with members of the EU network. c) To upskill and gain knowledge in methodological issues in assessing and evaluating appearance issues. d) To forge important multidisciplinary links with researchers, practitioners and policy makers, with the aim of working together to evaluate interventions for appearance dissatisfaction.
Current research interest in relation to the COST Action: I have a particular interest in developing and evaluating mobile and web-based interventions for promoting body image and healthy eating attitudes in adolescents and college students. I hope that being a member of this action will provide me with the opportunity to forge links with other researchers with an interest in this area to apply for EU funding opportunities collaboratively.
COST Actions Outcomes: Participated in a STSM
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