Dorit Olenik Shemesh

Name: Dorit Olenik Shemesh
Country: Israel
Degrees: Ph.D.
Current job title: Researcher, Course Coordinator Psychology and Education Department
Institution: The Open University of Israel
Short autobiography:

My research work focuses at adolescent's and children psychology, regarding cyberbullying/bullying in relation to loneliness, social support, self image, coping and well being. I was a member of COST and two LLP European Commission projects which were targeting youth bullying/CB victimization and vulnerability from diverged social-emotional aspects, aside developing programs for prevention and coping with it in educational settings.

Reason for joining: Previous research on bullying has shown that being a victim of bullying is closely associated with lower levels of body-esteem- considered being risk factors to b. victimization. There is a need to widen the research and create international research and practical collaboration in purpose of developing relevant updated intervention projects for implement in the education systems. Moreover, the way youngsters behave in the internet, the social nets, have a crucial link with the way they deal with dissatisfaction with appearance. This aspect deserves a deeper research and special educational intervention projects in the international level and be evaluated in a comparative, valid manner.
Current research interest in relation to the COST Action: a) Adolescents and children cyber-bullying-victimization, well being in relation to self image, body image, loneliness, and social support. b) Youth Internet behaviour in relation to appearance matters and cyber bullying. c) Developing and implementing intervention programs for educational settings in the above contexts.
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