Giulio Busi

Name: Giulio Busi
Country: Italy
Degrees: PhD, M.A.
Current job title: Professor
Institution: Freie Universitaet Berlin, Fondazione Palazzo Bondoni Pastorio
Short autobiography:

My research focus on the impact of cultural and religious elements on the making of early modern identities. Besides my teaching and research activities at university level (I have a tenured professorship since 1992) I am involved in a Foundation devoted to promote individual and public health

Reason for joining: Both as a researcher in the field of the history of religion and as President of the Fondazione Palazzo Bondoni Pastorio I have been confronted with the relationship between external appearance and interior well-being. The COST Action Appearance matters offers me a unique chance to expand my scholarly network in this field
Current research interest in relation to the COST Action: I am presently planning a team research on the semantic of appearance, seen from a religious and philosophical perspective
COST Actions Outcomes:
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