Rita Vaicekauskaite

Name: Rita Vaicekauskaite
Country: Lithuania
Degrees: Dr. Assoc. Prof.
Current job title: Head of Research and Technology Transfer Office, Senior Research Fellow at Faculty of Health Science
Institution: Klaipeda University
Short autobiography:

My research focus is on knowledge management, quality management, and research methodology. In interdisciplinary perspective, I work in research fields of health education and social work.

Participated in a STSM - read the report

Reason for joining: General focus is to be integrated into strong partnerships network for international research on body image issue concentrating on possibilities to help people and specialists to take care of health in the relationship to ideal body image.
Current research interest in relation to the COST Action: a) Knowledge management b) Health Education c) Disability as social phenomenon
COST Actions Outcomes: Participated in a STSM
E-mail: vaicexrita@gmail.com
Link to institution: www.ku.lt