Ingela Lundin Kvalem

Name: Ingela Lundin Kvalem
Country: Norway
Degrees: Psychologist, PhD
Current job title: Associate Professor in Health psychology
Institution: Dep. of Psychology, University of Oslo
Short autobiography:

My research focus is about appearance/body image for the general population and more specifically in relation to sexuality, obesity and to cosmetic surgery. I have worked mainly with large population studies, both time trends and longitudinal, but also used a qualitative approach. My previous research area was intervention studies (sex education) and I teach Intervention mapping.

Reason for joining: To join a network of researchers with similar interests, and to develop instruments for comparative research with different populations and on time trends.
Current research interest in relation to the COST Action: I am currently working with: a) Body image and sexual orientation/body image and sexual behaviour among young adults b) Time trends in adolescent body image from 1992-2010 c) Following 300 bariatric surgery patients and 250 conventional overweight treatment patients with questionnaires over a 10 year period, where several measures on body image/appearance are included. d) Hopefully, we will soon get access to the questions about breast augmentation/ reduction in the “Mother-child-cohort study” (70.000 mothers included)
COST Actions Outcomes:
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