Phillippa Diedrichs

Name: Phillippa Diedrichs
Country: United Kingdom
Degrees: Ph.D., BSc (Psychology, Honours)
Current job title: Senior Research Fellow
Institution: Centre of Appearance Research, University West of England
Short autobiography:

I am a research psychologist. My passion is conducting research on body image and eating disorder prevention within the field of health psychology. My main projects currently look at the development and evaluation of strategies to prevent negative body image and eating disorders, with an overall aim to create environments that value diversity in appearance. I work with school and university students and teachers, politicians and policy makers, charities, the media and industry to achieve this aim. I also work collaboratively with other researchers in the UK and overseas.

Participated in a STSM - read the report

Reason for joining: To get a better understanding of the scope and nature of research relating to appearance that is happening in the EU and worldwide, in order to develop collaborative research partnerships and establish best practice for promoting healthy body image in education, public health and advocacy settings.
Current research interest in relation to the COST Action: Body image and eating disorder prevention: a) Developing and evaluating healthy body image interventions in schools and community settings b) Social and cultural influences on body image c) Media and advertising d) Stigmatisation based upon weight and appearance
COST Actions Outcomes:
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