Sandra Torres

Name: Sandra Torres
Country: Portugal
Degrees: Ph.D., M.Sc.
Current job title: Professor Assistant
Institution: Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences University of Porto
Short autobiography:

My research focus is about risk and maintenance factors in eating disorders and obesity, in particular, the link between emotional difficulties and dissatisfaction with appearance. I address this topic both in public health and medical settings, covering different age groups. I have been working on projects targeted to study the efficacy and effectiveness of body and emotion-oriented intervention in weight bias samples.

Reason for joining: To develop collaborative protocols for assessing the prevalence and impacts of appearance-related distress. To share and learn more about effective strategies to reduce appearance dissatisfaction. To create partnerships for funding/grant applications.
Current research interest in relation to the COST Action: Appearance dissatisfaction in public health setting: a) The extent, nature and impact of appearance dissatisfaction in young people and adults b) The relationship between negative body image and disordered eating c) Definition of effective strategies to ameliorate appearance concerns
COST Actions Outcomes:
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