Gemma Lˇpez-GuimerÓ.

Name: Gemma Lˇpez-GuimerÓ.
Country: Spain
Degrees: Ph.D, MHND.
Current job title: Post-doctoral Researcher and assistant professor.
Institution: Research Unit on Eating and Weight-related Behaviors, Dept. of Clinical and Health Psychology, Autonomous University of Barcelona
Short autobiography:

I’m researcher in the Research Unit on Eating and Weight-related Behaviours (UCAP). Our research is focused on an integrated approach to the study of Eating and Weight-related Problems (EWRP) that includes eating disorders, disordered eating, unhealthy weight-control behaviours, body dissatisfaction, overweight and obesity. We have conducted cross-sectional, longitudinal and cross-cultural studies aimed at examining “shared risk and protective factors” for EWRP among adolescents; trials of efficacy and effectiveness of a prevention program; and validation of assessment instruments.  

Reason for joining: Develop a protocols and measures for assessing the prevalence and impacts of appearance dissatisfaction and conducting cross-cultural studies. Propose public health measures to reduce weight and appearance stigmatization and to promote body satisfaction at every size.
Current research interest in relation to the COST Action: a) Training health professionals in Eating and Weight-related problems. b) Longitudinal study on EWRP in adolescents in order to detect relevant shared risk factors in Spanish populations. c) Promote the movement and the intervention of Health at Every Size
COST Actions Outcomes:
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