Ana Martínez Pérez

Name: Ana Martínez Pérez
Country: Spain
Degrees: Ph. D (Anthropology), MSc (Sociology)
Current job title: Senior Lecturer in Sociology
Institution: Social Sciences Department, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos
Short autobiography:

Research focused on four areas of interest: health promotion, gender, social movements and research methodology. Coordinates the "Healthy University Program" in URJC; Researcher in Competencies in health promotion, COMPHP Project, funded by the EAHC, EU. Member of the Accreditation Assessment Committee in IUHPE.

Reason for joining: Being part of this health promotion expert network in order to research about psychosocial health.
Current research interest in relation to the COST Action: Health promotion in Higher education and in vocational training, psychosocial health, salutogenic approach
COST Actions Outcomes:
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