Seraphin Alava

Name: Seraphin Alava
Country: France
Degrees: Ph. D. in Science of Education and Sociology
Current job title: Professor at the Science of Education Faculty
Institution: University of Toulouse
Short autobiography:

My research focuses on digital practices of young people and in particular cyber violence and cyber bullying. I also study the phenomenon of school violence and I am looking to characterize effective mediation to prevent violence. I work in an European consortium on cyber bullying "EU KIDS ONLINE"

Reason for joining: Iím attached to highlight the correlation between problem with personal appearance and emergence of harassment or violence. I seek to deepen this research including the role of digital uses and social networks in this phenomenon.
Current research interest in relation to the COST Action: a) Studies the effect of appearance in violence among young persons. b) Role of digital tools and telephony in the development of such violence. c) Effects of education on the different reduction of these practices. d) Study cases of obesity and anorexia among young
COST Actions Outcomes:
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