Dalila Honorato

Name: Dalila Honorato
Country: Greece
Degrees: PhD Media and Communications
Current job title: Lecturer (Specialization: Aesthetics with emphasis on Image Semiology)
Institution: Ionian University Department of Audio and Visual Arts
Short autobiography:

I was born in Portugal where I graduated in Communication and Media Studies by the Institute of Political and Social Sciences at the Technical University of Lisbon. I have been living in Greece since 1997 where I obtained my Master and Ph.D degrees by the Department of Communication and Mass Media at the National and Kapodistriako University of Athens. I am currently teaching Media Aesthetics and Semiotics at the Department of Audiovisual Arts of the Ionian University.

Reason for joining: The main reasons for my initial application for ISCH COST Action IS1210 was the opportunity to integrate a research net on European level and my interest for the thematics addressed. Having approached in the past issues related with the dysmorphic body and mirror reflection, I was particularly interested in contributing for the activities developed by WG5.
Current research interest in relation to the COST Action: On my behalf I would be interested in focusing on the activities of entertainment production companies related with audiovisual (ex. television series) and interactive media (ex. web advertisement) in order to develop forms of raising awareness about appearance dissatisfaction. Issues such as the choice of a multi-ethnic casting or the function of appearance when portraying a good or bad character (ex. soap operas), and reality shows concerning weight loss or plastic surgery seem to have some sort of impact within the audience concerning identification with the characters: the role's internalization and its externalization through one's image projected (through the adoption of fashion or body attitudes). At the same time, younger individuals seem to identify with a multitude of issues from different media such as comic books, especially manga, music groups, for example inspired by the subculture of hip hop, and videogames' characters. Therefore I would like to contribute not only at the level of information broadcasting and advertising content but also at the level of entertainment media production since it seems to be one of the most spread form of influencing image at global level.
COST Actions Outcomes:
E-mail: honorato@ionio.gr
Link to institution: http://www.ionio.gr/central/en http://avarts.ionio.gr/en