Angeliki Leondari

Name: Angeliki Leondari
Country: Greece
Degrees: Ph.D., MPH, M.A.
Current job title: Professor in School Psychology
Institution: University of Thessaly
Short autobiography:

I am teaching at the Department of Pre-school Education, University of Thessaly. My field of specialization is School Psychology and Counselling Psychology. My research interests include self-concept/self-esteem, body image/body esteem, possible selves, children’s understanding of death and various aspects of achievement motivation. I have participated and coordinated several research projects in relation to self-concept, possible selves, achievement goal orientations, academic self-handicapping.

Reason for joining: To broaden the spectrum of research concerning the examination of gender-specific normative developmental processes in body image / body esteem in ethnically diverse samples.
Current research interest in relation to the COST Action: The relationships of cognitive and personality variables such as perfectionism, fear of negative evaluation and global contingent self-esteem to body image / body esteem and the impact of these relationships on the psychological functioning and social well-being.
COST Actions Outcomes:
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