Vasiliki Gountsidou

Name: Vasiliki Gountsidou
Country: Greece
Degrees: Ph.D. candidate, M. Sc.
Current job title: Special Teaching Staff, Senior Research Fellow
Institution: Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Physics Department, Solid State Section, Thessaloniki,
Short autobiography:

My research focus is on dataminingand computer modeling of materials and on bullying, cyberbullying and working place bullying. I was a member of the M.C. of cost action ISO801 for cyberbullying and a member of the action “WE CAN!-Cyberbullying Action Network for Parents Education. I am also a member of the M.C. of the Social Pediatrician Union of Greece. In the previous cost I was a member of the WG2, sharing of input from outside the research community, specifically from legal experts and from mobile phone companies and internet service providers.

Participated in a STSM - read the report

Reason for joining: I strongly believe to the main target of cost actions which is the coordination of research across Europe through the progressive growth of an interdisciplinary research network. This can lead to the creation of a protocol and questionnaires used by all the partners in order of the access and the statics of the results to be easier. Interdisciplinary partnerships can be strong enough for funding applications.
Current research interest in relation to the COST Action: Appearance aspects in relation to social health a) Appearance and bullies b) Appearance and victims of cyberbullying c) Appearance and avatars in second life, on-line games, etc d) Facial characteristics in designing Robots
COST Actions Outcomes:
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