Julia Barlińska

Name: Julia Barlińska
Country: Poland
Degrees: Ph.D. Psychology, University of Warsaw, 2007-13 M.A. Psychology, University of Warsaw, 2000-05
Current job title: Academic staff member – assistant
Institution: University of Warsaw, Faculty of Psychology
Short autobiography:

Assistant at the Faculty of Psychology of the University of Warsaw, focused within her research activity on experimental exploration of the phenomenon of cyberbullying in the context of bystander reactions towards online debasing image manipulation of appearance. For five years she has also been a coordinator of an educational campaign carried out within the framework of the “Child in the Web” campaign of the Nobody’s Children Foundation. Author of scientific articles dedicated to the topic of online aggression and educational and e-learning programs regarding the topic of safe use of the Internet.

Reason for joining: Interest in the topic of online appearance manipulation
Current research interest in relation to the COST Action: Experimental exploration of online bystanders’ response towards the four main common forms of discrimination categories: race, gender, age-based and weight bias.
COST Actions Outcomes:
E-mail: Julia.barlinska@gmail.com
Link to institution: http://www.psychologia.pl/